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When does it pay to repair your smartphone or tablet versus just buying something brand new?

Apple’s new iPhone is getting bigger and better. Samsung’s latest flagship phone sports sleek and sexy curves. But just because there are a bunch of new gadgets coming out loaded with all the latest and greatest tech’s appeal, it doesn’t mean it’ssmart to get a new device right this second. Even if your current handset is a few years old, has a scratch or two, or boasts the battery life of a sloth, you might be wasting some serious cash by replacing — versus repairing — your smartphone right now.

It pays to repair versus replace your smartphone if:

You just want the next big thing for no good reason – If your phone or tablet is perfectly functional, and maybe even aesthetically perfect, but you’re tempted to upgrade simply because there’s something new, do your best to resist the urge. This is especially true if money is tight and your phone is less than three years old. Try picking up a snazzy new case instead, to give your gadget a new look with a much smaller price tag.

You ran out of storage – If you’re out of room on your phone to store music, apps, and videos, try picking up a larger storage card if there’s a slot for one on your device. Or move the stuff you don’t use very often onto your computer for safekeeping. This will give you more room while saving you the big bucks you’d need to spend on an entirely new device.

The screen is cracked – One in 10 people are walking around with cracked smartphones right now. If you like your phone but can’t deal with a broken screen check out iFixit or iCracked and see how much it will cost to get your gadget back in tip-top shape. Replacing screens should cost around $100. Chances are that’s going to be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a whole new phone, and you can use the money you saved on something you really need… like a case that will your phone from getting cracked again!

You still don’t know how to use it – if your main issue with your smartphone is that you just have no idea how do anything more on it than answer the phone, send a text, and take an occasional selfie, your local carrier store is a great place to get a little hands-on help. If you’re an iPhone user, Apple’s own retail shops host regular classes to make sure you can get the most out of your gadgets.